Popularity of Solar Panels in UK.

Solar panels is increasingly becoming the most popular form of energy in UK because of its ability to use solar cells to covert radiation into power. Its increase in popularity is fueled by its low cost of installation, with medium sized panels becoming the commonly used panels in homes. Moreover, the companies offering these panels are also charging less fee hence making them affordable to all and sundry.

Installation of solar panels in UK has tremendously increased in the recent years. A total of around 709,000 new installations in workplaces, homes and farms were made last year. Experts believe that by the year 2020, a total of 10 million homes will be well equipped with the solar panels amounting to one third of the population utilizing solar power.

Still, approximately 1.5 million homes have installed solar panels and the number is increasing and growing faster than anticipated. The number has grown from around 2.8 to around 5GW between 2013 and 2014 and the growth rate has surpassed the 5GW in 2015. This makes UK the fastest growing country in solar panel installation as compared to any other European country. In addition, the country is also receiving an 80% support from the public hence the most popular form of energy.

Some of the reasons behind the increasing growth rate in solar panels installation is that it saves cost. The only cost you will have to incur is installation cost. Considering the advancement in technology, the panels are becoming more efficient and cheaper hence decreasing the cost of solar power. Moreover, the UK government has helped citizens switch to solar power through grants and a program called Feed In Tariff (FIT). This allows the citizens to sell back unused energy hence helping in reducing installation costs.

Popularity of solar power in UK has diversified from domestic places to schools, churches, police and even bridges. Therefore, regardless of the climate, UK is ranked among the highest market of solar panels worldwide.

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