Types of Bodies in the Solar System

The Solar System is the system that comprises the sun and all the objects that object around it, either directly or indirectly. This article will outline the objects in the Solar System.

1. The Sun

This is the star powering the solar system and upon which the planets orbit.

Image from fanshare

2. Planets

The planets in the Solar System Include:

· Mercury: This is the closest planet to the sun and the smallest planet in the Solar System

· Venues: This is the hottest planet in the Solar System and close to the size of earth

· Earth: This is the largest inner planet that is also known to contain life

· Mars: It’s smaller than mars and earth and has two moons which are known to be captured steroids.

· Jupiter: As an outer planet, it is larger than all the planets in the solar planet

· Saturn: It has a ring around it and possesses more similarities to Jupiter

· Uranus: This is the lightest of all the outer planets

· Neptune: It is more massive and more dense

3. Comets

These are small solar system bodies which compose mostly of volatile ices.

4. Asteroids

These are small Solar System Bodies mainly composed of metallic minerals and refractory rocks.

5. Natural Satellites

This may include like that one of the earth, the Moon

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